Magi Sumpter (they/she)

Chief Editor

Magi Sumpter is a part-time paralegal, part-time college student based in West Monroe, Louisiana. They started off writing One Direction fan fiction in middle school and pinky promises that they've improved since then. Today, you'll find them drafting divorce papers by day and spoiling her cat by night. You can find them on Twitter @MagiSumpter for certain ramblings and gushing over different literary magazines.

Morgana "Stink" Sumpter (he/him)

Emotional Support

Whether he's named after Merlin's protege or the little bastard from Persona 5, only God knows. Magi's most trusted confidant, he betrays that trust each day by tearing up curtains, ripping LED lights from the ceiling, and eating her snacks. Still he provides some much-needed chaos and snuggles when convenient for him.


Ragnar "Fat Fat" Sumpter (he/him)

Senior Contributor

Also known as "Rags," "Fat Fat," and "Smushyface," Ragnar is the oldest member of our team. He snores like a broken lawnmower and sits exclusively in Magi's lap, not knowing he weighs sixty-odd pounds.

Nudle Keyser (he/him)

Nervous Wreck

Nudle (pronounced "Noodle") is a pit bull and lives up to the aggressive nature of his breed... with snuggles. He likes to run by and lick Magi's shins on his way to grab a toy, and though it makes her mildly uncomfortable, she knows that she is loved. He is also diagnosed with "clinical dumb," if that means anything.


Little Nasty Keyser (she/her)

Evil Genius

Nasty is deceptively sweet. She will beg, she will lay down between your legs, and she will give you sweet kisses. Do not give in. She has ulterior motives and they're all evil. Toxic mf. (Please disregard this, it's a joke, we love Nasty.)

Marluxia "Lushi Sushi" Sumpter (she/her)

Deity (alleged)

Marluxia (pronounced "Mar-loo-shuh") is named after a Kingdom Hearts character I did not know was male until afterwards. She runs outside and lays in the grass all day, then comes inside and screams at you until you feed her. Unlike Nasty, you should give into her every wish. She doesn't allow many on her good side, but those who make it there are rewarded special seats in the afterlife.