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Guest Readers!

Meet your guest readers for Issue 3: Technicolor Sunrise!

Starting with our third issue, Southchild will start implementing guest readers so that you have more eyes (and more hearts) on your work! This first wonderful team of readers is full of fantastic writers that I truly, truly admire - and I just know you'll love them too.

Pink and White Valentine's Day Twitter P

Fox Auslander


Fox Auslander is a nonbinary poet currently based in Southwest Philadelphia. They are one of two co-editors at Delicate Friend, an assistant poetry editor at Alien Magazine, and an advice columnist at Theta Wave. Their most recent work has appeared in perhappened, Stone of Madness Press, GLITCHWORDS, and beyond. They live with their girlfriend named Kat and a cat named Toaster Strudel. Don't follow them



Sofia Fey


Sofia Fey is a Queer and Non-Binary writer living in LA. Currently, they are the founder of the Luminaries Poetry workshop, eic at Cabaret Contributor’s Journal, poetry editor at Hooligan Magazine, a reader for Stone of Madness Press and Kissing Dynamite, and columnist at The Poetry Question. Their poems have appeared in CP Quarterly, Flypaper Lit, Rejection Letters, and others. They tweet @sofiafeycreates.


Briana Gonzalez


Briana Gonzalez (she/they) is a Chicane, queer poet in Texas. They’re the senior editor for Persona Literary Magazine, and an editor for Siblíní Journal. Her poems have appeared in Ample Remains, Dead Fern Press, Not Deer Magazine, and others. They enjoy watching the night sky for bats, playing dnd, and spending time with loved ones. Check Briana out on Twitter & Instagram @brimothee.


Dhwanee Goyal


Dhwanee Goyal (she/her) is a sixteen-year-old student from Maharashtra, India. Pretty buildings make her heart beat fast, and she likes puns, double-sided blankets, sentences that trail off and… An editor-in-chief of Indigo Literary Journal, her work appears or is forthcoming in Claw & Blossom, The Meadow, Kissing Dynamite, and more. Her twitter handle is @pparallell, and her micro-chapbook, ‘Kasauli Daydreams,’ will be out from Ghost City Press in summer ‘21.


Preston Smith


Preston Smith (he/him) is an MA candidate in literature at Wright State University. He is an editor for Periwinkle Literary Journal, and his debut chapbook Red Rover, Red Lover released from Roaring Junior Press in early 2020. He can be found on Twitter (and Instagram!) @psm_writes tweeting about his cats, baking, and fairy tales. His poems appear in Black Bough, Nightingale & Sparrow, and Pink Plastic House, among others.