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Here we have a sneak peek at the next theme and its submission windows. If you're looking for an old issue, check the Archives tab.

Pink and White Valentine's Day Twitter P


Submissions open 4/15-5/15! Please send all submissions to southchildlitmag@gmail.com.

(Note: for "Technicolor Sunrise," we will only be accepting submissions from LGBTQIA+ creators.)

Struggle and adversity are integral elements of queer culture and the queer experience. Every single one of us has a poem somewhere about our coming out story (or lack of). This is not the place for that. 

Instead, we're going to throw a celebration for love of all forms. Pull out all those cheesy romance tropes, email Wattpad customer support for access to your old account from 2011, and shut that closet door behind you. It is time to throw a party, to bring positivity and light to the LGBT community. It's a great time over here. Let's have fun!


Are you cishet? Did you just stare at the word "cishet" and get just a teeny bit offended? This issue is not for you. Issue 4 will be here before you know it. Be patient.

For the rest of you, bring me the cheesiest, sappiest, most wholesome examples of queer culture. This is a safe space for the out, the closeted, and the questioning. We're gonna show the world just how cool it is to be you.