Mission Statement

southchild (n.) - one who plants roots at home and does not realize them until they are long gone

Southchild Lit was created with the homeless and homeward bound in mind. For all the works that just haven't found the right home yet, Southchild wishes to welcome them with open arms, make them a big pot of soup, and listen to them talk about their day - whether it be good, bad, or somewhere in between.



ISSUE TWO IS HERE! Check out the Archives tab. 

Much like the Hero’s Journey, the Fool’s Journey starts with a call to adventure. In many ways, the Fool and the Hero run parallel journeys. Both start with a call to adventure, and both have many lessons to learn and trials to run. Both return to their original starting point, changed, wiser, and more evolved. (desc. from this article)

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ISSUE ONE: Glitch in the System

ISSUE ONE IS HERE! Check out our Archives tab. 

For the errors in the code, the square peg that just won't fit in that round hole, the ones who took the red pill. Welcome to the strange and the unwanted. You weren't expecting this.